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Consignment Information

Have some cool items you would like to sell? RELIC Lexington is now offering consignment services! Please read all information below to learn more…

MOST IMPORTANTLY- We only accept HIGHLY CURATED items. This essentially means that we must be very picky about what items we accept on consignment based on customer demand, condition, and current stock levels. Please do not take offense if we decline your item(s). We still love you.

CONDITION REQUIREMENTS: All items must be clean, free of animal fur, free of smoke and other odors, and in good repair. We will not accept items that do not meet this requirement.

ITEMS WE LIKE: Sofas, Chairs, Ottomans, Side Tables, Cabinets, Media Cabinets, Bookshelves, Lockers, Barstools, Bars, Oriental Rugs, Wall Art, Vintage Cameras, Vintage Typewriters, Vintage Cash Registers, Antique Toys, Antique Decanters, Vintage Trophies, Desk Lamps, Ammo Cans, Musical Instruments, Taxidermy, Vintage Advertising Signage, Game Tables.

ITEMS WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Bedroom furniture, Mattresses, Building Materials, Bath Fixtures, Wall Mounted Lights, Electronics, Pianos.

HOW TO OFFER US YOUR ITEM(S): For consigning items please email photos, description, dimensions, etc. to RELIC will communicate with the seller by email to accept or pass on item(s) and determine a delivery time for the item to RELIC. EMAIL IS THE ONLY WAY WE REVIEW ITEMS, Please do not bring them to the store without an appointment.


  1. After a review your item(s), a RELIC representative will select items based on customer demand, inventory levels, and relevance to our style and ambience. The RELIC representative will then determine a fair price for the consigned item(s) and a minimum payout for each item.  Prices are based on supply and demand, and the current market. Items are reviewed initially via our email system only.  RELIC reserves the right to refuse any item(s). ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION.
  2. RELIC will attempt to sell a consignment at the initial price for thirty days. After this time, the sale price may be reduced be reduced. The item will never be reduced below the minimum payout determined. RELIC reserves the right to sell items at a reduced SALE price during certain times during the year. Consignments are placed on our floor for a minimum of 120 days.  After that, the item can be taken back by the consignor at their choice and convenience.
  3. If items do not sell after 6 months, they are considered expired, a RELIC representative may contact you (at their discretion) to have the item(s) picked up. Consignor is responsible for pickup of the item(s). After 30 days if the consignor has not picked up their expired items, items will become property of RELIC.
  4. RELIC will make every effort in handling with care any and all consignments; however, risk of fire, theft, or damage to the property delivered under this agreement shall be retained by the consignor, and the consignor shall keep such property fully insured at the expense of the consignor and for the benefit of and in the name of the consignor.
  5. Payment distribution: RELIC will run reports for all sold consignment items at the beginning of a new month.  We will email you if your item has sold, and will mail a check to the address you list on this form.  All consignors must sign a W-9 tax form.  If payments accrue above $600, we are required to submit a 1099 form to the IRS.
  6. For services and facilities furnished in connection with the sale of the consignment under this agreement, the consignor/consignee split is as follows:  the consignee (RELIC) shall be entitled to 40% of the sale price, and the remaining 60% of proceeds shall be the property of the consignor. Sales tax is not included in calculation of payments.