Cocktail Infusion Jar- Kentucky Old Fashioned


Take your cocktail game to the next level! These cocktail infusion jars from the good folks at the Whiskey Library make construction of fine cocktails simple!

Simply fill the jar with Bourbon, Whiskey, or Brandy. (Sorry, this product does not contain it’s own alcohol.) Store in your refrigerator 1-3 days, shaking gently occasionally.

Once the infusion is to your taste, strain 1.5 oz into a rocks glass with ice. If desired, top with club soda, ginger ale, or a mixer of your choice. Garnish with an orange slice or cherries cuz you fancy.

Once infusion is complete, enjoy responsibly within 30 days.

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Item Number: CIJ-KOF

Collection: Kentucky Made, Foods

Handcrafted in Lexington, Kentucky by the good folks at the Whiskey Library

Ingredients: Dried Organic Bing Cherries, Dried Organic Oranges, Bitters Infused Sugar Cube.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in